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We Are

Is an International Recruitment Agency in Albania , with worldwide representation. It's the right place for you, whether you are looking for a job or an employer looking for their recruitment needs.


Client Satisfaction is our ultimate mission and we pledge to ensure that by ardently searching for the best talent available and providing the client the same with maximum client benefit. Our endeavors are to provide you with efficient, credible and professional individuals who are strongly motivated by the desire to excel and become pillars of company prosperity.

What we can do for you

We pride ourselves as being digital recruitment experts, excelling within our industry. we will help you fill roles throughout your digital teams whether it’s permanent,  part time, seasonal contract  talents you’re hiring for.
We have specialist teams who know each of these functions inside and out.

Projects and Teams

When you’re hiring 10-100 staff in a short space of time, you need someone who will dedicate the time and resource to make this happen. you’ll need someone who understands your culture. who has the trust of your management team.  and doesn’t waste your time introducing you to people who aren’t quite right.  We know that your time is important, and that’s why our digital recruitment specialists are set up to help find you digital teams as well as individuals.

Executive search

Sometimes there are only a handful of people in a market who are right for a crucial role in your business. so it’s important that when these people are approached about your company, it’s done so in a way that engages them, and by someone who knows what they are talking about. our experience, expertise and the people we know, means you can rest assured that this will happen.

Graduates and Interns

Hiring the stars of the future is critical to any business.  Selos Agency  Recruitment Albania place graduate and intern candidates into a variety roles; from Hospitality many other fields  and “number crunches” to sales people and developers.   We host graduate “assessment centre’s” on a daily basis and are able to administer a number of tests on behalf of clients, who often chose to host group interviews at our offices in Tirana Condor Center.


Our vision is to achieve the status of the best manpower providers in the industry. We aim to be the most dependable providers of cost effective and timely manpower solutions to both the IT and non-IT industries by constantly supplying efficient and achievement-oriented candidates. Our targets are always set to exceed client expectations.

Building on our success, we now operate in the many of European & Middle East Countries in different sectors as:

  • Sales Jobs
  • Hospitality & Tourism Jobs
  • Hospital Jobs
  • Retail Jobs
  • Construction Jobs
  • Oil & Gas Jobs
  • Consultancy Jobs
  • Engineering & Technical Jobs
Why Selos?
We have an extensive candidate database and our job opportunities in Europe and  Middle East Countries  include permanent jobs and temporary-contract positions in many industry sectors.
We combine our expertise in international recruitment with our deep understanding of the European markets and we harness this effectively in order to develop customised HR solutions for each of our clients.
We, at Selos Agency Albania , above all else, are committed to delivering service excellence and our quality driven and efficient service has already satisfied many of the World’s leading multinational companies.

Our Clients!


Really Happy Clientele


For the employment opportunity in Dubai that I could pay when I was employed, when I skied any money in my pocket, while all the other agencies are asking for money in hand, you have the opportunity to pay when I’m at work thence. You are a great support for young people seeking employment opportunities outside of Albania. You will know all my life. With Respect. Klement

– Klement Vreto 

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